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Taking Dog Training to New Heights

Paws from Heaven LLC

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Our Services

  • Board and Train
  • Private Lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Day Training
  • Evaluation

About Us

I have been working with dogs for over 10 years since I was a little girl who used training to escape a not so pleasant upbringing. Since then I have spent years studying canine theory and behavior. I have had experience training dogs for service work, pet obedience, behavior modification, and much more. I have brought up and trained many successful service animals as well as coaching the public on how to raise their pet dogs. Any good trainer will tell you one should never stop learning. I attend seminars of world class trainers several times a year and continue to be coached by trainers who are are more knowledgeable then myself. When Paws from Heaven came into being, my focus was more on providing top quality service dogs for those life has taken down a rough path. However so many people came to me with their pet dogs and seeing the lack of direction and functionality of pet dogs in this modern day is heart breaking. It was time to make a train system that works for both service dogs and pets so they can function well reliably and happily in the world. Together at Paws from Heaven, we are taking dog training to new heights.

Dogs Running
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